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After 50 years of successful postgraduate education, IPS is confidently looking towards the future. With a renewed vision, enhanced infrastructure, and updated innovative training programs, the IPS team extends its support to future graduates, enabling them to expand their knowledge acquired during Bachelor's, Master’s, and Doctoral programs.

The Institute for Postgraduate Studies at the University of national and World Economy, Sofia, Bulgaria and the Centre for Innovation and Technology at the Pontifical Catholic Argentinean University organize a postgraduate course in Corporate Compliance in English. It is designed for a wide range of professionals who have interests in the field of regulatory corporate compliance, including banking managers, company executives, compliance officers, lawyers, legal consultants, internal auditors, specialists in risk assessment and management, employees in banking and financial institutions, etc. The curriculum is in line with the regulatory requirements and trends in the field of corporate compliance. The training takes place in a correspondence form, which includes online lectures, and tasks for independent preparation. The course includes 10 topics divided in two semesters. The online lectures for each of the topics will be presented in a two-day module (during weekends). All graduates will receive certificates from both universities.

The knowledge gained at IPS corresponds to the master's programs, emphasizing practical orientation through flexible training modules and extensive utilization of electronic resources. IPS empowers students to progress gradually in mastering the subject matter by solving real-life cases, thereby enhancing their understanding of the learned concepts. The lectures at the Institute are delivered by esteemed professionals with extensive expertise in their respective fields.

Upon successful completion of your chosen specialization or qualification course at IPS, you will be awarded a Certificate of Professional Qualification that conforms to the established legislative norms.

IPS has established collaborations with more than 40 international partners, numerous state institutions of the Republic of Bulgaria, over 30 Bulgarian municipalities, various businesses representing different sectors, NGOs, and mass media organizations. Further information can be found in the Partners section of our website.

We look forward to seeing you so we continue our journey together.

The IPS team at UNWE

*IPS is an ISO 9001:2015 certified institution by NQA with a certificate for the implementation of a quality management system covering "Postgraduate Training, Project Management and Consultancy".