Institute for Postgraduate Studies

50 years experience in continuing education

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About IPS

The Institute for Postgraduate Studies (IPS ) is a unit within the University of  National and World  Economy and has over 50  years of traditions and experience in the areas of continuous education, vocational training, and consulting Bulgarian and foreign citizens.

Our attention and main efforts are directed towards the training of managers at senior and middle-level positions in the private and public sectors, municipalities, and state institutions.

We provide opportunities for acquiring a new qualification, improving the current one, or updating the professional knowledge. 

Our main tasks are focused primarily on organizing courses according to practical needs, participation in the drafting and implementation of international projects, participation in non-profit associations. The priorities, set out in our ideological concept, lay in acquiring knowledge and skills, adaptable to the changing environment, by creating a flexible and efficient organization of the learning process. Building a personal approach to customers allows us to achieve an immediate link between teaching, training, and consulting.   That’s why we welcome creative thinking, have the ability to analyze complex processes in the Bulgarian economy and form a culture of a learning institution, capable to detect changes, to explain them, to influence them, and to continue to learn, because we offer you all the knowledge that we have.

IPS provides a solid foundation for a lifelong career and solves in a quality manner customer's problems in an uncertain world.