Institute for Postgraduate Studies

50 years experience in continuing education

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Short-term courses

The short-term education is defined as the acquisition of specific knowledge, skills and competences, and its duration is up to one semester. When the applicant completes the course, the IPS issues a certificate of completion.

The Institute for Postgraduate Qualification organizes the following courses:

  • Information security courses (initial education for the protection of classified information; documentary security of classified information, security and protection of information)

* Courses in the field of protection of classified information are conducted only by certified organizations approved by the State Commission of Information Security. The IPS is one of the few approved education organizations;

  • Intellectual property rights in Architecture
  • Highlights of the Corporate Income Tax Act in 2022
  • Internal Auditor in the Public Sector
  • Annual reporting on the status of FMCS and Internal Audit
  • Constructions Contract
  • Electronic administrative services
  • Data Protection in the Digital Environment
  • Artificial Intelligence (Legal and Ethical Aspects)
  • Intellectual property in a digital environment
  • How to make internal rules under FMCS?
  • Cybersecurity (computer and network security)
  • Internal audit activity planning
  • Practical aspects of ex-ante legal control
  • Legal regulation of e-commerce
  • The changes for 2022 and annual income taxation under the Personal Income Taxes Act 2021
  • Specialized course on COMPLIANCE
  • Employment relations in municipalities, educational and social institutions
  • Employment relationships in higher education and scientific organizations
  • Corporate Security