Institute for Postgraduate Studies

50 years experience in continuing education

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Programs of Education

The postgraduate education at the IPS provides excellent opportunities for upgrading the qualifications and acquiring new professional qualifications for specialists who have a higher education. The IPS courses don’t lead to an educational degree.

The postgraduate courses are conducted in the following forms:

1. The specialization is a form of education that offers the opportunity to upgrade qualification in a particular specialty, followed by a certificate of proficiency upon successful completion;

2. The professional qualification that includes apprenticeship for a new or additional qualification. After successful completion, each participant will receive a certificate of professional qualification;

3. The professional qualification for the acquisition of the right to practice a certain activity is an opportunity that provides graduates with a certificate of professional qualification that meets the regulatory requirements for the recognition of the right to exercise the relevant activity;

4. The short-term education is defined as the acquisition of specific knowledge, skills and competences, and its duration is up to one semester. When the applicant completes the course, the IPS issues a certificate of completion.