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Postgraduate qualifications

One of the forms of postgraduate education is the acquisition of Qualification in a specific field. The course is one-year and is intended for people who have completed higher or secondary education.

The course is carried out according to a specialized curriculum and ends with a state exam or defense of a thesis. The students who successfully complete the course receive a Certificate of Professional Qualification to their diploma for educational qualification degree.

* When a student does not have the opportunity to participate in group education or the minimum number of participants has not been reached, the IPS provides an opportunity to organize an individual form of education.


The Institute for Postgraduate Study at the University of National and World Economy organizes the following qualification courses:

  • Business Psychology
  • Enterprise management
  • National and European medical law
  • Law
  • Law and digital technologies
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Legal regulation of relations in construction and architecture
  • Psychology
  • Financial Management
  • Financial controller

The professional qualification for the acquisition of the right to practice a certain activity is an opportunity that provides graduates with a certificate of professional qualification that meets the regulatory requirements for the recognition of the right to exercise the relevant activity

  • Teacher /economics/
  • Health Management
  • Professional Mediation Certificate Study

* When the minimum number of participants has not been reached, the IPS provides an opportunity to organize an individual form of education by the following qualifications

  • Banks and banking
  • Bank security
  • Foreign trade and international law
  • Global management and leadership
  • Ecological economy management
  • Transport economics
  • Economics and management of the water sector
  • Real estate economics and management 
  • Business economics and management
  • Marketing, advertisement and business communications
  • International tourism
  • International economic relations and foreign economic activity
  • International economic relations and customs policy
  • Educational management
  • Public and local government 
  • Financial management
  • Financial and investment analyzes
  • Financial accounting and corporate law
  • Energy project management
  • Company security management
  • Human resource management