Institute for Postgraduate Studies

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Обновено: Friday, 03 September 2021 14:31

Calendar 2021/2022

For the academic year of 2021/2022 the Institute for Postgraduate Studies at UNWE opens admissions for the following LONG-TERM courses:

- Business Psychology

- Fraud Examiner

- Enterprise management

- National and European medical law

- Law

- Law and digital technologies

- Intellectual Property Law

- Legal regulation of relations in construction and architecture

- Psychology

- Accounting, finance and control

- Finance Controller

- Financial Management

The following Competence Studies are opened for admission:

- Health Management

- Professional Mediation Certificate Study

- Teacher /economics/

SHORT-TERM courses for the academic year of 2021-2022 shall be opened as follows:

- Information Security Courses (initial education in classified information protection; document security of classified information, information security and protection)

- Intellectual property rights in Architecture

- Highlights of the corporate income tax act in 2022

- Internal Auditor in the Public Sector

- Annual reporting on the status of FMCS and Internal Audit

- Constructions Contract

- Electronic administrative services

- Data Protection in the Digital Environment

- Artificial Intelligence (Legal and Ethical Aspects)

- Intellectual property in a digital environment

- How to make internal rules under FMCS?

- Cybersecurity (computer and network security)

- Internal audit activity planning

- Practical aspects of ex-ante legal control

- Legal regulation of e-commerce

- The changes for 2022 and annual income taxation under the Personal Income Taxes Act 2021

- Risk Manager

- Commercial mediation

- Specialized course on COMPLIANCE: "Customer, business partner and third-party research. "

- Employment relations in municipalities, educational and social institutions

- Employment relationships in higher education and scientific organizations

- Corporate Security